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This page is created to ease the hassle for marketers looking for media advertising rate cards across the internet. We have compiled a plethora list of the more commonly requested advertising rate cards in the Singapore region that you will need for your media campaign. We have collate a range of different media kits and rate cards across neighboring countries like Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia which we will try to update on this page as and when we are able to.

If there are any specific media advertising rate cards that you couldn’t find on this page, please let us know and we will see how we can help you.

Please note that the rate cards are own by it’s respective owner and we do not create these rate cards. Diseno Advertising will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies on the rates on these media advertising rate cards. Some of these rate cards are sourced from publicly available download links for their respective sites like Mediacorp tv advertising rates, Singapore Press Holdings newspaper press advertising rates, SMRT media rates and many others. 

Types of Advertising Rates

Singapore Media

Singapore Press Holdings

Singapore Press Holdings Magazines

Cinema Advertising

Moove Media

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Please note that these media rate cards are all published rates. The rates are accurate as of the date that we put up on this page on our website.

We understand that there are tons of different media platforms available in the market, and you will be thinking what will be the best media to invest in to give you the best returns on your investment. We also understand that not all campaign is a sure win and we would like you to know that with our advise and experience, we can at least help to give you insights into what will actually work for your brand. Let us help you to reach your target audience, so you can tell them your brand story.

With the various media options for your selection including OOH sites, Magazine or Newspapers, TV, Radio, Online, Ambient sites, do you know where to target your target audience?

Media Booking can be done directly through Diseno Advertising Pte Ltd by sending us an email.

If you have a certain budget and would like to know how we can help with planning your media spending, please drop us an email at [email protected] or contact one of our Diseno Advertising butler at +65 6836 5168.

For those that are looking for the older rate cards, it has been moved to our new archived page here.

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