8 reasons a great calendar design will help improve your brand loyalty.

1. Everyone loves beautiful calendars.

2. Everyone loves beautiful calendars with good writing space. This allows users to write their notes, doodle and put a reminder.

3. People will talk about it and try to get more of your beautiful calendar to share with their colleagues, friends and families.

4. There is usually only 1 to 2 desktop calendars being placed on a user’s desktop, and having a great calendar design will definitely give your company the advantage.

5. Having a calendar with great design on user’s desk ensures your potential clients will see your brand 365 days throughout the year.

6. Providing information on your company’s services, website, facebook, and contact details on your calendar ensures that your contact detail is within reach when potential clients are ready to engage your services or buy your products.

7. Having a great calendar design will give your clients the good impressions that your company are willing to spend on design and will be looking forward to your next calendar on a yearly basis which will create brand loyalty.

8. Adding your Product Images or Services on each calendar month will increase your brand’s product/service recall.

Why let Diseno Advertising Pte Ltd design your Calendar 2022 ?

1. Design is our Passion and we will translate your design brief into a great calendar design that you want.

2. Inclusive of Royalty Free Stock Images.

3. Inclusive of Unlimited Revisions.

4. Free Consultation on 1st preliminary concept delivery, final artwork preparation, and production delivery timeline.

Our Customised Calendar Design Service starts from $1000 for a 7 sheets/14 pp calendar.
12 Royalty Free Stock Images included for the whole calendar design project. (Royalty Free Stock Images are provided at Diseno Advertising discretion and selected stock image sites only)

Start your Calendar 2022 Project now! (October and November is the busiest period for printing).

Creative Design Timeline is estimated at 3-4 days for 1st Visual Draft.

For Design revisions, 1-2 days for changes/revisions.

For Production timeline, during peak period (Oct-Nov), printing of calendar sheets, calendar stand fabrication and wrap, wire-o, packing, will take about 3-4 weeks. Depending on the material choice, binding choice, and finishing choice, will affect the final production delivery timeline.

We have a great in-house creative and production team to ensure great design and timely delivery of your calendar design.

We can add the sticker page that has been a trend in recent years at the last page of the calendar. Let us know if you would like to find out more!

If you would like to have a customised calendar that is more elaborate with more pages, call us now!

Contact our Diseno team of designers at +65 6836 5168 or drop us an email at [email protected]

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