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Cinema Advertising is a form of advertising media that has been underrated for many years. While most advertisers are still holding on to traditional media as their holy grail and top of their advertising media option, some have tried and experienced the benefits of Cinema Advertising for their brands. Hail as one of the biggest visual experience for audience, cinema advertising allows your brand to engage. Creating a deeper and more personal engagement with your audience that no other advertising medium are able to achieve.

In Singapore, as a cinemagoer and advertiser, we have a number of options ranging from Golden Village, Cathay, Shaw, Filmgarde and WeCinemas. As an agency, we can help you to book with either Golden Village or JCdecaux. JCdecaux handles Cathay, Shaw, Filmgarde and WE Cinemas, meaning that you are booking for the network of cinemas when booking for a cinema ad spot. Cinema advertising is not complex. Please fill in the form on the right or contact us to find out more.

IMDA released the latest data on cinema advertising on this link. If you are still unsure if you should include cinema advertising as part of your media mix or your next advertising budget, let us know, and we can help to customise the package to a 2 week package, or even just to target certain cinemas near your targeted audience only. 

If you compare the reach, the frequency and the engagement of cinema advertising with print media, you will realise that the returns in your investment for cinema advertising will far exceeds other advertising medium. Please have a look at the statistics on this report here.

So please call our Diseno Advertising butler to assist you with your cinema advertising advertising journey now!

6 Reasons why Cinema Advertising has better brand recall.

  1. Cinema Advertising is one of the biggest visual experience.
  2. Audience are more relaxed and receptive of advertisements as they are expecting it, thus more engaged with the key message from the advertisement.
  3. The advertisements are run between movie trailers to ensure high engagement of the audience. People going for movies are usually more relaxed with their popcorn in hand and soft comfy chairs. Cinema goers perceive the advertisements as part of the experience especially when it is placed between trailers. With little distractions, viewers can focus on the advertisement message which results in higher engagement. Study shows that cinema’s captive audience delivers advertising recall up to five times that of TV.
  4.  Everyone loves the cinema theaters. Apart from reaching large audiences, you can tailor your ads accordingly since movies are categorised based on age and genre. Want to sell children’s clothes? Advertise when they’re showing Toys Story.
  5. No one likes to watch movies alone. People bring their friends, family and spouses. Remember talking about that one advertisement? These group experience fuels word-of-mouth, allowing people to positively recall your ad and your brand.
  6. In the end, costing matters. The good thing is that cinema advertising offers various customised packages and good return on investment compared to other mediums. You can also check out the various advertising packages offered that suits every budget before you decide.

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