Magazine advertising is one of the most popular print media choice for many advertisers. Reason being that it is a very targeted print media – there is loyalty and engagement at a personal level. Most avid magazine readers follow the content of the magazine they love religiously on a monthly or quarterly basis. Some have regular meetups for events for products showcase or just for discussion on certain topics that is relevant to most of the magazine readers.

Magazine has a longer shelf space of a month, quarterly, half yearly or even annually, as compared to newspaper. For example, if you are in the sports business selling sports products, you would want to consider advertising in a sport magazine targeted at your potential target audience.

Of course, simply choosing the right medium to tell your brand story is only half the battle. Next you will need a great piece of print advertisement design that has great copywriting and creative visual concept – that tells your brand story and engage with readers to action on your print advertisement. Be it to visit a website, scan a QR code or to call your stores to receive free information, it is a call to action that all your print advertisement need to have. These days we use url shorteners like or to track our QR code to understand users behaviour as well and to track our leads to see if the print advertisement works. Thus a method to track the return on investment for each advertising investment made by your company.

If you remember standing in front of the magazine section at a bookstore, you will know that there are tons of various kinds of magazines. So how do you decide which magazine to advertise in? Most first time advertisers will consider perusing the media kit of the magazine to understand the demographics of the target audience for the said magazine or you can simply call us at Diseno Advertising. Our Diseno Advertising butler will be able to propose and advise you on your specific advertising requirement.

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