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According to The World Bank, there are over 43,000 listed domestic companies worldwide — and that’s not counting the thousands more that may be unlisted. One way companies can stand out among that long list of competitors is with great annual report design.

You might think of annual reports as dry, information-based documents. But while the information they contain is important, annual report design also matters. A well-designed annual report highlights essential information in an attractive way that grabs interest.

How can you make annual report design work for your company? Here’s what you need to know about the purpose and value of creative annual reports.

Why Good Annual Report Design Matters

Your annual report is all about conveying crucial information to your shareholders and stakeholders. With bland annual report design, though, people may have trouble tracking what the information means. 

A creative annual report design allows you to tell a story about the company brand. It puts the information in context, so people can correctly interpret it. The best annual report design service can even help add more brand value in the eyes of shareholders. 

Graphic design isn’t just for print ads and business cards. With good design, the information in an annual report becomes a compelling visual experience. 

Types of Annual Report Design

Now, what types of annual report design can help create that experience? Here are just a few types of annual report design to consider. 

Interactive Reports

When you make a report interactive, you can make even simple designs more effective. Readers can really delve into the information with animations, infographics, slideshows, and other interactive elements. You can also use the report to call readers to action, such as by linking to key areas of your website. 

Different Perspectives

Everyone has a different learning style. Why not harness that power in your annual report by providing the same information in different ways?

Instead of only presenting information via text or infographic, for example, you can use both. That way, readers of all backgrounds and learning styles will be able to pick up key facts. 

Inspiring Tactics

Your annual report doesn’t just need to inform — it can also inspire. 

Good report design can include fun, inspiring content, such as relevant quotes or links to blog posts. Use your report to inspire readers with your success. For example, highlight numbers that show how far your brand has come over the years. 

Where to Find Creative Annual Report Design

These are some of our favourite types of creative annual report design. However, there are countless other design options out there that can keep your stakeholders and shareholders rapt with attention.

Now, the next step is finding someone who can design the best annual report for your brand.

Not sure where to look? Diseno produce conceptualised, creative cover and thematic designs. We even offer copywriting, copyediting, translation, and professional photography services too. 

Why work with Diseno Advertising for your next Annual Report project?

With more than a decade of experience crafting and delivering Annual Reports for clients, Diseno always delivers on time and at a reasonable price point. Coupled with our support for copyediting and printing, we will be your creative/marketing team to support your ever needs.

Ready to learn how we can turn your annual report into the perfect brand document? 

Email us at [email protected] to get started!

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