Graphic Design is a visual communication tool that helps empower every businesses to tell their brand story.

Many great businesses out there have a story to tell. But not all business owners have the expertise in telling their brand story through graphic design. At Diseno, we have the expertise to craft your communication message through graphic design to share your brand story.

A custom design differentiates your brand from the rest. At Diseno, our professional graphic designers will help you in designing amazing custom marketing materials for your target audience.  

Each of our designs are custom designs and we offer clear pricing on our various design services. From logo design to illustration design works, our team of creative designers will make your ideas come to life. With a clear brief from our clients, we work together to produce and create the best design for you. Our typical timeline from receipt of design brief, is about 2-3 days for 1st visual draft and 1-2 days for revisions.



Logo is the identity of your brand. At Diseno Advertising, we design logo that represents your brand and tell your brand story.


Print design relates to design that deals with print media. At Diseno, we create brochure design, flyer design, poster design, annual report design, large format sticker design, backdrop design, newsletter design. 


Graphic arts and illustration design has various styles and Diseno advertising will help you produce the illustration that you desire. 


Creating great and effective digital ad banners is no as simple as it looks. We are able to produce web ad banners in static jpg, gif animated and html 5.

Graphic design is subjective and there is many different style of approach in terms of creative execution. Here at Diseno Advertising, our team will ensure that creatively we answer your design brief and produce design that works and effective in telling your brand story in a personal way, and to reach out to as many of your fans on the right platform.

Below is our graphic design process and by far not a hard fast rule in our workflow but a guide that we follow to ensure all our design process is consistent to produce a consistent result for our clients. This only applies to confirmed project.


Project introduction can be done either through face-to-face meeting at client office or through Google Hangout/Skype. This will be the time where we draft out the project requirements, project  timeline, and discuss the design brief and how we will achieve it.



Based on the design brief, we will do our research on your product or services to understand your brand and how to approach the design concept.



We will start with design sketches and concepts within the team based on the design brief.


Once project is completed, the copyright of the project is transferred to the client. If there is printing requirement, the Final Artwork file will be handed over to our production team.