D Star Runner Logo Design


A great and amazing logo is something rare these days. DStar Runner is started by a young and ambitious group of friends with the idea of solving our everyday problems of having more time to do what we need to do. From helping you to queue, to buy things, to deliver things and many more. DStar Runner understand the need for a an iconic logo design to stand out from the competition and has entrusted the creative design process to Diseno Advertising. Using the colour of yellow as the primary colour, DStar Runner wants to be bright, wants to be rise to be a top app that will be used by all Singaporean in their daily lives. The logo design revolves around the icon of a person running in the right direction, leaving the gust of wind behind him on the left side. In a different angle it could be a runner hero icon. After the completion of the logo, we work on the name card design which utilises the black and yellow colour primarily. The logo is clearly placed on 1 side of the namecard. While the other side of the name card present the name, job title, contact details, company details and address. The letterhead design is clean and minimalist, with the DStar Runner logo on top left and watermark of the logo icon on bottom right of the letterhead and the envelope.

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DStar Runner


25 June 2020


Logo Design