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Newspaper Advertising is one of the oldest form of print media advertising. Considered as a traditional media that is still strongly used today. There are always two camps of comparison between newspaper advertising and digital advertising. One being that newspaper advertising is alive and well. While another claiming that nobody read the newspaper anymore these days as everything has gone digital. The fact is that what we are reading is the content and the importance of content is higher than the platform.

There are different group that consume content through traditional print media like newspaper and digital platforms. Though most news companies now have a digital platform as well for their content for the different target audience.

Although advertising on newspaper is expensive – considering a full page full colour advertisement for a day might set you back about thirty thousand Singapore dollars advertising on Straits Times, the target audience that you are seeking is very niche. For example, full page full colour advertisement still takes up most of the pages on newspaper advertisement on a Saturday – filled with property advertisements selling the lifestyle concepts of luxury living.

On the other end of newspaper advertising, we look at classified ads. These days most big MNCs still put up regular recruitment classified ads through newspaper on a regular basis. And second hand car ads are prominent fixtures as well at the classified sections.

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