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At Diseno Advertising, our mission is to make life easier for our clients in terms of their creative pursuits for beautiful newsletter design. Therefore, we understand the hassle of creating a newsletter, no matter how simple it may seem to be. Outsourcing newsletter design to Diseno has many advantages and probably be the best decision you will make to ease your monthly newsletter publication requirement. Be it for digital version or printed newsletter publication, Diseno is here to assist you.

Our team of graphic designers at Diseno Advertising are trained in the Adobe design software, with the knowledge of various grid layout system to enhance the layout of your content. One of the most important aspect of a newsletter design is the masthead, or some refer to as nameplate. The masthead is usually huge and it defined the whole look and feel of the newsletter. Following through, we have the body of the content, where there is the sub headings, images, and the different articles of the happenings in the company. 

New addition like language corner, or an introduction of a new employee creates a more interesting content for the newsletter.

With the introduction of eNewsletter or digital newsletter, it is now possible to have photo gallery for a single article. The addition of video gallery for an event gives a more personal  and visual perspective of the event. There is also a feedback form that can be inserted into the newsletter, a feature that helps to understand reader’s thoughts and comments – thus improving the content towards reader’s preference. 

The distribution of digital newsletter is instant, as compared to printed newsletter – which takes time and effort to prepare the Final Artwork, imposed artwork, printing, cutting, scoring, folding, packing and delivering of the newsletter.

Professional photography, copy writing, translation services are available at your request. If you want a consistent newsletter design with great design and layout, and timely delivery, please let our team at Diseno assist you.


If you believe in good newsletter design and would like Diseno to help with your company newsletter design, please talk to one of our Diseno butler at [email protected] or call us at +65 68365168.

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