Next Story Group Brochure Design


Every company has a story. How each of these story are being told, make a lot of difference in engaging the audience. At Diseno, we came up with tons of different designs for different clients. But how do we tell your story in a compelling and exciting ways? How do we get audience to keep reading and wanting to find out more about your services. Let us share with you with this brochure design we have completed for Next Story Group.

A brochure is like a visual window into your corporate infrastructure. It showcase your company’s taste and style. It evokes an emotion and a connection with your potential target audiences that are holding on to your beautiful brochure designed by creative designers like our team. As the key visual is important, we uses an image of a skyline. Placed in an uncomfortable placement to create an interesting view of spaces, we tried to translate the word transformational spaces through this strong visual in an angled manner. 

Next we choose the single-coloured muted greyish blue colour to add to the mood of the whole brochure look and feel. Which brings the final direction of the attention to the company brand logo at bottom right hand corner of the brochure cover.

Strong and dramatic images are used throughout the brochure to represent each brands and what service it offers. A short writeup to describe each brand’s history and strength completes each brands description. A visual map location of each of Next Story Group’s properties are showcased clearly to show their point of presence across the globe near to end of the brochure. To conclude the brochure content, we have the contact information for any potential audience who might be interested to find out more about Next Story Group.

After the brochure design is completed, we moved on to proposing the printing materials and finishing required for the brochure. The choice and intention was to create a smooth and luxurious feeling when a potential investors hold a copy of this brochure. Thus the selection was to have thick art card material with matt lamination to provided that luxurious smooth matt feel

If you are looking for an amazing brochure design that catches your audience attention, please let our team at Diseno help you. Email us now at [email protected].



Next Story Group


3rd November 2018


Brochure Design