OnePeople.sg 2017 Annual Report Design


This year’s OnePeople.sg Annual Report is another creative challenge to produce a cover with a strong commitment towards racial harmony in Singapore. Using a title with strong words to describe how we should feel, “Beyond Differences” reflects truly what Singaporeans views are of the people living in Singapore. Seeing beyond our races, religions and skin colours which ties to the keyword “differences” in this creative.

We have used the image of multiple same coloured umbrellas with various tone on the main cover to unify our differences. While at the back cover, we reveal the different vibrant colours of individuals. This concept plays with one main visual but using colours to different both side of the annual report design. 

On the inside pages, we use umbrella shape for the image container for page dividers. This design direction are extended throughout the annual report. And not forgetting to maintain a vibrant and more interesting graphic elements to liven up the annual report, we used various brighter colours on every page. The amazing thing about this project deliverables, apart from having a great layout, choice of colours and font type, is the delivery timeline, which we completed within two weeks. We work fast, we work well under pressure, and we will deliver the annual report design that you want.

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OnePeople Annual Report 2017 Design 01
OnePeople Annual Report 2017 Design 02
OnePeople Annual Report 2017 Design 03
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