Mediacorp Channel 8 TV Drama – Don’t Stop Believin’


We were invited to pitch for the production of a poster concept development project for Mediacorp Channel 8 Chinese Drama Don’t Stop Believin’ 我们等你. This was an exciting opportunity for us to show our creativity in concept development and art direction.

We came up with many different concepts reflecting ideas based on Korean dramas. After lots of brain storming and discussion, we agreed with the current and final concept of using the traffic light and the ominous cloud to depict the direction of the tv show.

In details, the final approved concept is based on a traffic light with the red light on – with an ominous looking cloud brewing up a horrible storm, pairing it with our heroic teachers at the front (Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan and Felicia Chin) to save the failing students and turning them towards the right path.

Upon approval of the final concept, we started working on getting the props ready and having the celebrities make up to prepare for their shoot. Upon completion of the shoot, we re work the images into creating the final visual based on our art direction. This whole photoshoot took over 12 hours on a Sunday. 

Mediacorp CH8 Poster Design







Concept Development, Professional Photography, Art Direction, Digital Imaging.