Kemin 8Scan Packaging Design


Packaging design is different from the usual print related design. We need to ensure the appeal and purpose of each sides of the packaging design. 8 Scan is an egg scanning application that is combined with the use of the box packaging where you can place your smartphone on the designated spot for taking a picture. The step-by-step instructions are provided at the top of the packaging. The egg need to be placed inside the box right below the position of the smartphone.

This project involves designing of the logo for 8 scan and the box packaging which is used as part of the scanning application. The logo 8 scan uses a more roman font type with the shape of the egg surrounding the number 8. The word scan is placed right below the shape of the egg, which visually portraying the name 8 Scan with the pun of having the Egg Scan. 

The design for the packaging continues the familiarity with the yolk colour of an egg, yellow. This can be seen throughout the box packaging. And the subtlety of the the different tint of yellow used and fine lines mimicking the lines of wave length that represent scanning.

Not forgetting Kemin’s logo being clearly placed at the front edge of the box. Packaging design is not just coming up with great graphics, but also requires understanding of the preparation of the final artwork in terms of folding, die cut, paper materials, finishing. Why stress yourself with all the technicalities when you can leave these all to the team at Diseno Advertising. Let us help you bring your ideas to live through our expertise in crafting artwork that works and meeting the timeline that you need.

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Kemin Industries (Asia) Pte. Ltd.


1st November 2018


Packaging Design