Jewel Pokemon Explorer Concept Development


It was a great pleasure to be invited to work on this key visual. The development of this key visual meant for the launch of the pokemon explorer app is a delight to work on. We have a slightly different approach at the initial stage of concept development. But finally refined the composition of the artwork to what you are looking at now as the finished artwork.

Pokemon explorer is a joint effort between Nintendo, Pokemon and Jewel Changi Airport – and it is exclusive to Jewel Changi Airport. 

From helping Pikachu collect berries around the Discovery Slides at Canopy Park to catching Magikarps at the Shiseido Forest Valley’s East Trail, discover the exciting world of Pokémon right here at Jewel Changi Airport. (*excerpt from Pokemon Explorer page.)

The main key visual evolves around the rain vortex, with graphic elements of the different Pokemon circling around it – and the added imposed image of the game on a mobile phone. The first adaptation of the key visual was an announcement of the Pokemon Parade showcasing Pikachu, Eeve and Mimikyu. Many of us are pokemon fans and we are really excited about the launch of Pokemon Explorer. 

The main key graphic element (the hand holding the mobile phone) is very important as it is the first main visual that the audience will see. As this is the center piece to the purpose of this poster, the Pokemon explorer app need to be prominent. Adding the surrounding Pokemons around the main app visual in the center, provides a peek into the different kind of Pokemons you might encounter in the game at Jewel Changi Airport. Not forgetting the positioning of the Jewel Changi Airport logo on top right hand of this poster visual as this is meant to be an exclusive app for Jewel Changi Airport.

The main poster has a mini section that talks about the Pokemon Parade. With the encompassing guide with QR code to the app itself. And not forgetting the social icons of Jewel Changi Airport for audience to follow.

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Jewel Changi Airport


1st July 2019


Concept Development