ITE SG50 Animation Competition Poster Design


All of us sees posters almost everywhere on a daily basis. Whether you take the public transport or driving to work, you will see poster artwork either on the bus stop area, train six sheets, hotels, hospitals, cinemas, hdb lift area, school boards, public libraries, and many more. Poster is one of the more popular media that is used on a daily basis. The purpose of a poster is for announcement – to let the target audience know about a certain product, event, competition, or even a movie.

The poster below is designed for the animation competition at Institute of Technical Education (ITE). The purpose of this poster is to gather interest in animation and also a showcase of the works of aspiring animators. The design concept follows the theme of the logo that was provided by client – pixels. As you can see the different elements of the graphic elements used on this design reflects the look and feel of pixel. As this animation competition is run while celebrating SG50, elements of the Singapore flag, heart shaped icon, mouse cursor, and other elements related to animation has been put together to form the key visual for this poster design.

The call-to-action for this poster design is the submit your entry now!, the QR code to scan for more information. And the cash prizes are the key attraction to encourage young animators to showcase their talent in this animation competition. Sponsors logo placed aptly at the bottom of the page. 

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Institute Of Technical Education


17th February 2015


Poster Design

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