Gardenia Christmas 2018 eCard Design


It is the time of the year again and the team at Diseno has started creating beautiful and joyous eCards for our Clients. We have the pleasure of working on Gardenia Christmas 2018 eCard design. 

The composition of this eCard design starts with a happy Santa Claus with a great smile, lugging a huge bag filled with lots of different variety of Gardenia breads – waving at the audience. The background is painted in cold dark blue – snowing heart shaped oat and brown rice. The magical Christmas trees pop up everywhere on the landspace as Santa Claus stroll through the snowing landscape.

The tagline for this eCard is playing with the pun of loves and loafs. Thus “Wishing you a year filled wit lots of loaves!”

The animated version can be viewed by clicking on the Visit site button on the right. Apart from the snowing of the heart shaped oat and brown rice, the different types of Gardenia breads is on a free fall into the huge bag that is being carried by the Santa.

The choice of background music is the musical version of “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas by Bing Crosby”.

View the animated eCard here or click on the eCard image below. 

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Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd


11th December 2018


eCard Design