Fook Mee Logo Design


Fook Mee Noodle Bar is an indonesian restaurant serving their famous chicken noodle. The concept and inspiration of this logo is derives directly from the visual of a chopstick holding on to noodles. The art direction in the placement of the chopstick and the noodles inadvertently reflects the letter F if you look hard enough. The curving lines that covers the brand name itself act as the shape of a bowl noodle. Although the logo design might look simple and minimalist, the idea behind the whole concept takes experience, research and many sketches before concluding with the final logo design. 

Adaptation of the logo design to the restaurant signage blends nicely with it’s environment. Next we move on to create the simple menu design incorporating graphic elements related to the ingredients, kitchen knifes and the special noodle. Overall menu visual focus on the heralded chicken noodle surrounded with graphic elements explaining each ingredients involves. With a lighter background to create the contrast, we also uses very minimal colour choices, trying to keep to minimal colour and consistency with the logo colours.

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Fook Mee


9th November 2018


Logo Design & Menu Design