Changi Airport Group Poster Design


A great poster design is a design that is able to capture attention of your target audience. If you have a  beautiful poster design that doesn’t engage and provide the information that attracts your target audience, means your marketing efforts has been wasted.

Here we create a visual divide in the depiction of information between the arrival and departure section. The different icons for each individual’s responsibility as the OIC(Overall In-Charge). The day and night visual creates a better contrast in presenting the information to the relevant individuals.

The photoshoot took about 2 hours to complete. We used the same person wearing different uniform holding on to different equipment required for the role. 1 individual holding the batons to represent an ADGS Operator, and the other holding the headset represents the headset operator. A good poster design needs to be able to convey the message clearly with great visual and good copywriting.

If you are looking for a great pull up banner design that captures attention and bring you more leads, please email our Diseno team at [email protected]

Changi Safety Poster Design



Changi Airport Group


06 June 2017


Poster Design

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