A*Star Pullup Banner Design


A*Star are producing a series of banners based on their concept of the Singapore Food Story. Conveying this information in the best possible way is important to the success of the key message to the target audience.

Diseno is tasked to create and design the 3 banners based on the below information.

Singapore and Ecosystem:

To showcase Singapore as a vibrant business hub and a location to do R&D (given the investment from the government), specifically in the food and nutrition domain where we have seen a wave of companies setting up R&D centres and regional headquarters in Singapore (may not be able to use MNC logos as permission needs to be sought)

A*STAR and Food Programmes:

To provide an introduction to A*STAR and how A*STAR has specific programmes set up to support the food innovation ecosystem

Singapore Food Story:

To provide an overview of the Singapore Food Story – why the need, what would be the key programmes, how it would be implemented, investment amount and ambition of Singapore to succeed. 

To improve the presentation of the content and images so that it doesn’t look too cluttered, we have used different colour tones of blue and curvy edges to create a sense of movement instead of a rigid block design. The challenge is with presenting the content in the most effective manner that is easy for audience to digest visually. The art direction for the three pull up banner designs has a themed look, with structured layout and image placeholder for the key visual that represent each topic of the pull up banners.

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Agency for Science, Technology and Research


25 September 2019


Pull Up Banner Design

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