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Product packaging design defines the exterior design of a product that will be shown to potential consumers before they make their decision to purchase the product. The design of a packaging involves choice of image used as the key visual that represent the product, the font used to communicate the product name, benefits and feature of the product. The prominent placement of the product logo to enhance brand recall. All these can be seen clearly on this packaging design that we have created for Ingrelife. Below you can see 2 of the many packaging design creatives that we have done for Science Arts. One is for Brain Plus Extra and the second product packaging design for Daily Duo Probiotics.

Every packaging designs went through a lot of considerations, not only visually from a design perspective, packaging materials, or choice of images but also the size and shape of the packaging, placement of images, product facts and colour branding. Products of the same category are created with a similar based theme, to encourage brand recall for future product range. Thus increasing brand loyalty and higher brand recall for the same product range.


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Ingrelife Packaging Design Daily Duo Probiotics
Ingrelife Packaging Design Brain Plus Extra



Science Arts


20th September 2018


Packaging Design