Tian Bao Pull Up Banner Design


A pull up banner is an important piece of marketing collateral that usually sits in front of your store. Getting the right graphic design elements, images and text is important in getting your audience attention.

Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen is one of the best Szechuan cuisine you can find in Singapore. This pullup banner design is created for the purpose of promoting it’s signature szechuan sweet skin marinated duck. The image of the sweet skin marinated duck is the main visual of this pull up banner as it needs to be prominent enough to capture walk in clients.The pricing information are clearly stated to show the discounted pricing of the promo. Tian Bao brand logo clearly placed on top right hand of the pull up banner.

Tianbao Facebook logo and Trip Advisor logo can be seen clearly at eye level to encourage people to like the FB page and give a trip advisor rating.

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Tian Bao Pull Up Banner Design
Tian Bao Pull Up Banner Design 02



Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen


9 December 2019


Pull Up Banner Design