Tian Bao Menu Design


Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen is a chinese restaurant specialising in tantalising hot and spicy Szechuan food. The Diseno team was tasked with a re design of the menu. Existing menu was dark and uses black as the primary colour. Thus we have decided to go with a minimalist and brighter colour.

Using the seamless wood line patterns as the background for the cover, keeping the logo of the brand vibrant and clear. As the photos are taken prior the planning of the creation of this menu, the layout has to be placed in boxes for a nice and tidy layout. Certain pages are created with additional stock images being implemented for certain dividers.

Each food has itemised numbering system with names in Chinese and English, coupled with pricing. Throughout the whole menu’s look and feel, we try to implement a very structured design with more focus on the layout design for each dividers and each page. Final binding for this menu uses rivet binding.

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Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen


15th December 2015


Menu Design