The Dalmore Poster Design


The Dalmore has the highest standard in whisky craftsmanship with a history that dates back to the reign of King Alexander III in 1263. This is a poster design created for the gift with promotion campaign during the festive season. 

The collaboration during this gifting season for The Dalmore is with Talking Toes. A unique socks brand meant for affluent target audience. 

The look and feel of this poster exudes luxury, soft, dark, elegance, contemporary. The Dalmore logo clearly presented at the top of the poster, followed by the main tagline and the key visual of The Dalmore bottle, the box and talking socks giveaway. A very subtle reflection or mirror effect creates more depth by putting the audience in this visual. 

The tent card adaptation is meant to promote the gift with purchase promotion on the table itself. With the added price to encourage purchase of a bottle of the Dalmore.

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Dalmore Poster Design mock
Dalmore Poster Design



The Dalmore


1st November 2019


Poster Design & Tentcard Design