The Boys’ Brigade Starter Kit Brochure Design


Coming up with great booklet design is what we do on a daily basis. The Boys’ Brigade Intentional Mentoring Programme starter kit is the starter kit for would-be mentors to learn and familiarise themselves as the role of mentors for the Boys and Youths.

In terms of the direction of the design, we try to keep it minimalist with illustrations of camps, posts with directional signs, light bulb, clouds and other graphic elements that are related or visually represent The Boys’ Brigade. The colour scheme used is the dark blue, teal, and yellow to show consistency and brand consistency throughout the booklet. Similar looking illustrations are seen throughout the booklet to enhance the consistency of the design. 

Setting a consistency in design direction and graphic elements used improve brand recall and identity.

If you are looking for a great booklet design, and not sure how to start, please let our team at Diseno Advertising help you. Email us now at [email protected].



The Boys’ Brigade


3rd November 2018


Brochure/Booklet Design

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