Singtel Shoptiq Brochure Design


Every project is different and unique. That’s the beauty of graphic design. Singtel give us the opportunity to work on their new online eCommerce platform for target audience that are interested in starting their online eCommerce website without the hassle of knowing how to code or design. 

Using pastel colours to firstly define the mock website on the superimposed iMac, it provides a soft and chic art direction to the whole visual of the brochure cover. As they say that first impression matters, thus the front cover of the brochure needs to be memorable and induce brand recall of shoptiq.

Brochure design is not just simply about great layout with great pictures. Using  the right images with the right tone of colours and a great copy to emphasise on the details of the product helps increase the brand engagement and brand recall.

On the inner page upon opening of the brochure, you will find more detailed information – step by step – in signing up for a shoptiq account. Quickly on the right hand side of the brochure, you will see the various options and features of the different packages of shoptiq.

On the fourth and back cover is the tesimonials of exisiting users of shoptiq and how it has helped increasing thei sales leads and managing their online business.

So if you have not check out shoptiq yet, head there now on this link https://www.shoptiq.com.sg.

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Singtel Shoptiq Brochure Design 01





23th April 2019


Brochure Design