Sembawang Annual Report Design 2018


An annual report is an important piece of report to present the company’s accomplishment for the year and the plan for the upcoming year. And of course presentation of the company’s financial in a vibrant and accurate manner with great modern typography font and great photo visuals to support the report.

A representative from Sembawang Town Council met up with our team of photographer to take shots of the surrounding community, inclusive of the cleaning crew using various cleaning appliances on the nearby housing estates. Overall it was a half day shoot, as we wrap up after taking all the creative shots needed for the annual report. The image use for the cover is chosen from a stock image.

The overall theme or style of the annual report are done in a more creative and fun way, instead of a standard and generic annual report layout. Addition of graphic elements, illustrations and icons to liven up each pages and sections of the annual report. 

If you are looking for a great annual report design. Please contact the team at Diseno Advertising. And we will guide you from start to delivery of your annual report. We handle everything in house, including professional photography service, copywriting service, translation service, layout, typsetting and graphic design services.

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Sembawang Town Council


10th October 2017


Annual Report Design