NUS Executive Education brochure design


Executive Education at NUS Business School in Singapore offers a wide range of Asia-focused business management and leadership programmes. When we were tasked to revamped the prestigious executive education brochure, we have a clear direction on how it should be. Apart from maintaining and enhancing the branding of the programme with NUS corporate colours of blue and orange, we have also taken out the programmes from the fixed brochure and convert it into inserts format.

As we open the brochure, on the left you will see the accolades and introduction to NUS Business School, on the right will be infographics of achievements, and also the pocket that will hold all the programmes inserts available. In the previous brochure, all the programme was part of the brochure. Thus making it hard to make minor amendments to individual programmes without having to re print the whole brochure. By using the pocket, we are saving printing cost because we can print only the required inserts as when is needed.

In terms of printing, we uses thicker 310gsm art card with matt lamination on both sides for the brochure. The inserts uses 190gsm art card on both side as well.

The inserts design started with a grid template design. This provides a more consistent look and feel throughout the series of inserts. We uses ribbons with different colour coding to segregate the different categories of the programmes. Images used are provided from the team at NUS Executive Education. Although some images will be procured from stock image site. 

As for the inserts we were initially commissioned to work on 20 different programmes. Some are 2pp, others are 4pp. On a regular basis, we still work on new inserts and updating current programme inserts.

If you are looking at revamping your existing brochures and not sure where to start, please email us now at [email protected]. We offer reasonable pricing, timely response time and always deliver on time.




NUS Business School


9th January 2018


Brochure Design

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