Mizuho Securities Christmas 2017 eCard Design


Everybody loves Christmas. It is that time of the year where you enjoy the process of shopping, and picking presents for your loved ones, colleagues and friends. Mizuho Securities came to us to help with creating an eCard that is festive, classy and merry.

Our eCard designer applied a blue bokeh background filled with all the blurry round circles to create that dreamy holiday look. Forming the Christmas tree with a swirling magical stars as it moves its way to the top of the Christmas tree where One Mizuho are placed.

At the bottom of the eCard design are filled with various different types of snow flakes patterns.

The Mizuho Securities logo is clearly placed at the bottom. The season’s greetings text are placed on the right side of the card.


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Mizuho Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


16th November 2017


eCard Design