Mediacorp The Dream Makers Flyer Design


The Dream Makers is a 30-episode drama serial that aired on MediaCorp Channel 8 from 24 June 2013 to 2 August 2013. It stars Zoe Tay , Chen Liping , Jeanette Aw , Rui En , Qi Yuwu , Chen Hanwei , Rebecca Lim , Guo Liang & Desmond Tan for the casts of this series.

We were tasked to create a creative flyer design incorporating a removable thumb drives as a gift to market the TV show for overseas market. The look and feel is adapted from the main show key visual which follows the black and white direction. We try to keep the design clean and minimalist using elements like the movie filmstrip for placement of cut scenes from the show. 

The production of this flyer is a challenge too, due to the challenge of printing and glueing 2 piece of 250 gsm matt laminated art card to hold the 4GB thumb drive. This a really unique flyer design as the final product is very well received due to the custom shaped thumb drive.

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