Josephian Annual 2015 Book Design


Josephian Annual 2015 is a an annual book produced by St. Joseph’s Institution. The content involves awards and achievements, class photos, staffs photos, CCAs and events.

The book design concept for this 2015 Josephian Annual uses triangles and diagonal shapes to form most of the theme of the book. The book cover design showcase the top students. The design is simple and minimalist. The contrast clearly presenting the SJI logo.

The photos are provided to us to layout throughout the book. Different sections are coded with different colours, page numbers are place on top corners of the page. Triangles can been seen being placed on each pages. The challenge for this book design project is finding the right images, fitting the text into the allocated pages and timeline which we managed to handle really well. 

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St.Joseph's Institution‎


31st December 2015


Annual Report Design