ITE Wall Poster Design


Institute of Technical Education engaged us to work on this wall poster design to showcase the many talents of its students. The concept behind this wall poster design is created with a blue ray of light coming down from the sky, shining and glowing behind these students. The blue ray exudes an energy and youthfulness that enhance each of these students regardless of their talents and race.

Using the blue ray of light as the background with a base background of black, we have created and evoked the sense of mystery and energy that brings out the best from these students.

Each students have their own style and colour, showcasing the direction of their style and culture, the strength of their talent and confidence. Using handwritten font for the main tagline of this poster CE Performing Arts CCAs is to show a softer visual in contrast with the overall look.

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Institute of Technical Education (ITE)


3rd November 2018


Poster Design

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