Crystal Wine Catalogue Design


A great catalogue design impresses from the very beginning of the cover design, even before flipping to the first inner page to view the list of products that you are offering.

Crystal Wines has been a reputable distributor of fine wines since 1998 and has a long list of really great wines. Presenting these wines in an easy to access manner with great graphic elements is important for customers to decide the wines to purchase. Thus a great catalogue design that presents their products clearly and in style is important.

The cover design exudes the feel of a winery by having a wine cask and a classic bottle of red standing next to the slim glass of red wine. The overall background adds the black board feel with various chalk illustrations of grapes, racks with bottle of wines, and wine cask. Wine bottle images are provided by client and we have to layout the wines based on countries. Using different colour coding based on each countries, we separated the categories for easier access.

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Crystal Wine


15th March 2018


Catalogue Design