ConnecTechAsia Brochure Design


In 2018, one of the biggest tech event hosted in Singapore by ConnecTechAsia were the BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia, NXTAsia. Being one of Asia’s mega technology platform it is a must attend event for tech exhibitors that want to revolutionise the future of Asia’s digital economy.

There are 4 brochure designs presented here. 3 for each events Broadcasst Asia, Communic Asia and NXTAsia. The fourth brochure is the main summit brochure.

Each events has it’s own unique colour. Thus the brochure colour concept follow the logo colour.

The cover design concept utilises minimalism with a touch of tech. The key visual concept is presented on the right part of the cover and the dates and location defined on the left.

The inside pages are layout in a structured but minimalist layout. With the colour scheme for the concept consistently presented throughout the rest of the pages. Infographics illustrations are used to depict and summarise all the important information in a graphical manner for a clearer presentation of information.

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08 January 2019


Brochure Design