Boys’ Brigade Recruitment Poster Design


The Boys’ Brigade is the world’s first uniformed organisation for youth. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work on this Boys’ Brigade recruitment poster design.

Concept for this poster design revolves around the Boys’ Brigade various activities involving archery, football and rock climbing. Each illustration is drawn by our in house team of illustrators. The colour differentiation added to create an emotional connection to the colour for each activities. Pormoting leadership, bonding and teamwork, and adventure, ensures participants will have a great experience being a part of Boys’ brigade. It is a chance in a lifetime to explore and step up.

The whole process of this design has been painstakingly researched, referenced and studied to produce the final illustration to reflect each activities characters.

After the process of sketching out the character with the planned action each poster, next is to do the outlining and then the colouring. The lines implemented on the illustration is to show motion.

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Boys Brigade


4th October 2019


Poster Design

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