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Bite Fries was created by it’s founder’s love for great fries and his desire to share this at reasonable price. Coming up with the initial logo concepts generated many great ideas. And after many efforts of sketching, cancelling out some other logo options(which is pretty good too), digitizing some of the options, we arrived at this final logo that you are looking here below. 

The idea of the logo seems pretty straightforward, but it went through many rounds of development. Visually we want it to be a logo that is  identifiable and recognisable the instant someone look at it, even from a distance. 

Visually the first thing that we want our audience to see is visual of Fries. So we have used 4 different shapes of fries as the primary visual wrapped around the packaging that hold the fries. Adding on to the central part of this logo is the brand BITE Fries. A playful minor bite mark was added on the text I, inadvertently also relating that the I could be a piece of fries.

Colour scheme is pretty obvious as we stick to the colour of fries. Same goes for the menu design as well. We use mainly illustrations of the ingredients that goes into the fries. We repeatedly use the colour of french fries to bring out the focus of the product.

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BITE Fries


8th January 2018


Logo Design

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