AUDI eNewsletter Design (EDM)


Creating an EDM for AUDI might look simple and easy to complete. But things that looks simple and easy to design is a matter of fact, the hardest and tedious to achieve. The concept and design for this EDM is a responsive and minimalist design based on a standard width of 800px x 1500px edm design.

The design is keep as minimalist as possible, with good layout and image placement. Upon approval of the visual, we move on to the slicing and dicing into html codes and testing for responsive coding.

Real image of actual AUDI We have to use the provided AUDI fonts for this project. After the visual was approved, we moved on to the slicing and dicing part.

The call to action is clear at the bottom of the EDM. The call us now button is clearly placed for potential target audience to call straight.


If you need a refresh newsletter design that stands out, please contact us at [email protected] and share this link. Please view the sample design below.





10th October 2017


EDM Design (eNewsletter Design)