ASSISI Hospice Annual Report Design


This is a very meaningful project for us and Assisi Hospice. Caring for Life for 43 years, Assisi Hospice has been there for those that needs it with tender, love and care. 

When we were first approached by Assisi Hospice, we were really honoured to have the opportunity to work on this project. First of all, this is our first CSR initiative from Diseno. For photography we work with professional photographer Frank Foo where we capture many smiles that touches the heart of many. It is an emotional journey for us, as we get to meet these individuals personally and the nurses that cares for them. 

There is no second project that could give us so much emotionally and creatively. The colour scheme that we used are more earthy and warmer. Having a diamond shaped hearts to represent the many facets of life was set for the cover of this annual report design. Showing page after page of the images of these strong individuals, really touches everyone’s heart. Being there, on site, really changes everything. Immersing oneself in the environment, and then using this immersion of feelings and thoughts into producing the creative visual that best represent Assisi Hospice is an opportunity that most designers should experience. Creating with love. Passionate design for the community.

The financial reports are presented at the end section of the report.

Do you need a great annual report design that can bring out the emotion or passion of the company? Please do drop us an email at [email protected] and let us help you on your next creative annual report design project.



ASSISI Hospice


6th January 2012


Annual Report Design