AICA Newsletter Design 2019


Newsletter design these days has evolved into a more contemporary and clean direction towards the layout and presentation of information to their audience. Having a great masthead improves brand recall and increase engagement with target audience. The colour scheme still primarily focused on corporate colours couple with the icons representing the values and focus of the company. At the back cover, we includes a language corner and a quiz to increase engagement and to encourage comments and contributions from the employees.

The cover design for 2019 AICA Newsletter represents the core values and core focus of the business. AICA products encapsulates items in our daily lives which we showcase here in the illustration of office buildings, homes and cars with a background of the world showcasing the global presence of AICA in the market. At the bottom of the main cover, featured articles for this particular issue is presented to allow readers an idea of what is the main focus on this newsletter issue.

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Aica Newsletter Cover Design
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AICA Newsletter Design




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