Mediacorp Print Ad Design Concept 2

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Mediacorp CH 8 TV Drama Photoshoot and Print Ad Design – 2 – Don’t Stop Believin’

Diseno Advertising Pte Ltd was engaged for a studio photo shoot with art direction for Mediacorp Channel 8 TV Drama – Don’t Stop Believin’ Print Ad Design.

This is the 2nd Prind Ad Design concept that was created for Mediacorp Don’t Stop Believin’ Channel 8 TV Drama.

The whole visual concept for this Print Ad Design is based on a school theme. The art direction and setup of the visual is in a classroom setup with a full sized blackboard. There are some feint images of science symbols and education related icons on the blackboard.

The four young students looking serious with steely eyes looking at the audience. A small table is introduced into the visual where Kimberly is seating accompanied with Edwin and Xu Bin at her sides, while Ian takes the lead sitting in front of her. Each students has their own stories and that’s for you to find out by watching the drama.

The addition of the rays of light entering from top right of the poster, add a magical and hope effect on the overall look and feel of the visual, falling in line with the tagline and title of this Mediacorp Channel 8 TV drama ” Don’t Stop Believin'”.

From left is Edwin Goh, Kimberly Chia, Xu Bin and sitting at the front is Ian Fang.


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