Inflight Magazine Advertising

What is Inflight Magazine Advertising?

Inflight Magazine Advertising is an advertising medium that targets audience on board of an airline.

In Asia at least, budget airlines has been very popular and growing . The more reason why you should choose to advertise on Inflight Magazine as there are more and more people flying as it is more affordable and thus have the opportunity to be exposed to your brand.

On budget airlines, apart from the food menu, there’s only the inflight magazine that most passengers will browse for the short flight. A great print ad on an inflight magazine will ensure high engagement and conversion for potential buyers to buy your products or visit your restaurant. Check our print ad design services here. Most travellers that is travelling to a certain country for the first trip will definitely be looking at the inflight magazine to find out more of the country they are visiting. There are still a lot of potential visitors who are probably first time visitors to Hong Kong, Singapore or Indonesia. Thus, getting good information on restaurants, SPA, entertainment, medical, supplements through the inflight magazine is the first source of information that visitors will refer to.

Reaching regional audience is easier and more cost effective through Inflight Magazine. Reach regional audience from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma.

Some of the options that you can look at is Tiger Air, Jetstar, Scoot, Silkwinds, SilverKris, Garuda Airlines, Thai Airways, and many more.

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